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This is me

Christopher Lauffer

Graphic Web Designer

I am an enthusiastic web designer living in a small village called Spijkenisse, Netherlands. To date I have more then 15 years experience in web design & development. During these years I have done small and big projects for big and small companies all over Europe.

My design principles are clear, sharp and user friendly. To achieve the best user experience possible I combine customer demands, wishes and market expectations into one solution. To get familiar with your branch I analyse your direct competitors and your potential clients to get the highest conversion or exposure rate possible not after but during the development. In addition to that, it also makes development very efficient, and a lot cheaper than doing the analyses afterwards.

Using the right toolkit for each project is a challenging job but fun to do. Discover the high-end toolkits and learn more. Interested in discussing your idea face to face?

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What I Do!

Analyzing & gathering important information is what UX basically is! This process is needed to get to UI design. Usually UX design is drawn on paper. Some call it wire-frames but that isn't totally true. We convert your wishes into basic visuals so that we can convert it to functionalities later on.

UI Design

With UI design we are using wire-frames to make everything visual attractive. Beside interface layout and interface design we build the interaction process as well. An UI design is ready for web development because you get specific guidelines for the web developer.

Web Development

Adding functionality to your UI designs. Every application is developed with GIT for code version control and review. Every application has different needs, mostly we use Php Opensource but in case your application is relying heavily on custom-made work we will use Csharp with SQL Server.


Branding is like building a new house with all your needs! Logo, business cards, custom paperwork, colour definitions, font typo and guidelines for external parties are all part of branding. With branding I give you a powerful unique look and feel. Separate yourself from others and attract new customers! Remember that your branding promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

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Some of my work...